Importance of Best Face mask for men’s in India

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Posted on August 07, 2020 at 12:00 PM

As the pollution levels are rising in the cities in India, it has become very important to use an anti-pollution mask. An anti-pollution face mask is a mask that you wear over your nose and mouth. It is to protect the particulate and harmful pollutants to go through your nostrils and mouth. You must have observed how air pollutants can take a toll on your body. There are different kinds of medical issues that keep on tumbling if you do not take the proper care. Hence, one needs a good quality face mask for keeping the respiratory organs safe.

There are many types of masks available in the market today. Also, after COVID-19 the face mask manufacturers are developing some amazing masks. It ranges from simple surgical masks to respirator masks that give almost 99 to 100% protection from air-borne diseases. It is very difficult to decide which is the best mask. Also which one is most useful for a particular situation. To understand the technicalities of each mask, you must know about the features and technicalities of each mask.

Y44 N95 mask and Y44 Plus N95 mask are some of the best Face masks for men’s in India.

Why should you choose these anti-pollution face masks?

  • These are highly affordable and easy to wear. Also, you can get pollution masks online or at pharmacies. They help you in breathing air which is free from harmful particles. We have found out that the face or nose masks filter out 95% of the particles larger than 0.3 microns.
  • The mask is completely foldable. Mask consists of slightly tight elastic straps. But they give a better fit. These are one of the best face masks for women in India. They can easily carry it in their purse.
  • These are designed to fight pollution and virus. The top of the mask has a small sponge that cushions nose foam also padding and an adjustable metallic nose clip for a perfect fit.
  • The best face masks for men in India are the ones that are suitable for male bikers while riding their bikes. Also, they should keep away infectious agents while driving vehicles. Hence, various N95 face masks come with breathing valves. Such valves help in filtering the dust and air pollution particles and let you breathe too. Due to this feature, they are also known as a particulate respirator.
  • These are stated as the best mask for air pollution. The Y44 Plus N95 mask protects oil-based pollutants as well. In industries where there is severe pollution, these masks turn handy.
  • You must always look for N95 certified masks. They help you in breathing in pure air. Also, nose masks help in increasing lung capacity. If you inhale pure air the functionality of your lung improves. You do not have breathing problems in the future. Other advantages are strengthening of respiratory muscles, an increase in intake of oxygen, and not feeling suffocated.
  • Males are having excessive exposure to air pollutants. Thus, they may face respiratory problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and currently coronavirus.

Thus, there are different face masks for men which help in reducing the long-term effects of air pollution on their bodies. You must be happy to know that these anti-pollution face masks prevent the inhalation of harmful microbes. What good does that do to your body? Due to this, your body will not face any kind of airborne allergies and other lung diseases. You also get protected against various kinds of fungus or bacteria. This is because the masks consist of activated carbon filters.

Many people use surgical masks. These are very simple face masks. Doctors or medical workers wear such masks often. Generally, it doesn’t provide you with any protection as such against particulate matter. It helps in blocking the dust or any harmful particles from entering the nose. It is one of the cheapest masks available in the market. However for high pollution cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. you cannot use it. Hence, these are less recommended face masks for men as male workers will not get much protection from it.

Protection from air pollution both outdoor and indoor- The best masks for air pollution like the Y44 N95 mask can protect you against outdoor as well as indoor. This is because at times people do not adopt indoor air purification methods. In the case of viruses and bacteria, indoor air should also be purified. But if that is not the case, a face mask can act as a precautionary agent.

Best face masks for men in India have all kinds of filters like a primary filter, particle filter, and carbon filter. All three are present in newly manufactured masks which are beneficial for industrial as well as personal use.

In today’s situation where air pollution and COVID19 like viruses are increasing, it is better to choose a well fit anti-pollution face mask. They should fit well, have all the important features, and keep you free from harmful particles.

Thus, live a better life by picking the best face mask and keep you and your family safe.

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